1º European Road Infrastructure Congress (ERIC) (2016)
With the 1st European Road Infrastructure Congress less than 100 days away, the organising team is pleased to share the event’s latest developments.


Outubro 18, 2016


Outubro 20, 2016


Leeds, Reino Unido

Irrespective of the vote at the British referendum on 23 June, the UK will continue to be one of the most promising EU market in terms of road infrastructure development. The recently established Highways England actually plans to renovate up to 80% of England’s strategic within the coming years which was also include approximately 650 km of extra road capacity. To carry this out, Highways England boast a ring-fenced budget of 11 billion pounds, most of which will be allocated in the next 3-4 years.

Moreover, the British Standards Institute has made it clear they will continue participating in the Committee for European Normalisation which means that, irrespective of the nature of the new relationship between the EU and the UK, UK road authorities will continue to rely on EU certification methods when dealing with road infrastructure.